Welcome to our OCCAM site and thank you for your interest and support throughout the past years!

The OCCAM workshop series will continue in 2017: July 6-8; more details to follow soon.


In the meantime, please enjoy impressions (photos, videos) from our previous conferences:

OCCAM 2011: „Natural Computation in Hierarchies“

OCCAM 2012: „The Brain as an Information Processing System“

OCCAM 2013: „The Brain as a Self-Organized Dynamical System“

OCCAM 2014: „Mechanisms for Probabilistic Inference“

OCCAM 2015: „From simple neurons to large-scale models of cognition“

OCCAM 2016: The whole Institute of Cognitive Science moved. No OCCAM.

OCCAM 2017: „Mechanisms and models of social interaction“


For now, we wish you all the best for the upcoming Christmas season and for a good start into a peaceful new year! We are looking forward to hosting you again in Osnabrück for OCCAM 2017.

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